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Lady Lever Art Gallery Wirral

This is a unique museum that was established by William Lever. The man was an industrialist and a philanthropist. He started as an advertiser of Sunlight soap which helped him get money over time. He used his money in precious collections. As the collections expanded, the more Lever was motivated to build a museum. Eventually he did, and the museum was Lady Lever Art Gallery. The gallery was opened in 1922 and William dedicated the gallery to his wife. The gallery located in Wirral was then to be home for precious items collected from various artists. There are not many of these kinds of museums that exist. It has the Edwardian and Victorian tastes. Port Sunlight, a garden village is where the museum is specifically located.


Lady Lever Art Gallery has major collections unique to the region. Lord Leverhulme is greatly considered in the collection as most of his preferences and tastes in decorative and fine art constitute a great proportion of the entire collections. He had expressed his collection interests before he died but that still stands to date in his honor. You can expect precious items that dates back in the 18th century including paintings, sculpture and others. Chinese ceramics, English furniture, roman sculpture, Greek vases, Wedgewood and so on. Most of the objects you will find inside the museum are the objects given as donations initially. However, there are others that have come in by collection over the years. Among the important collections include The Scapegoat, The Black Brunswicker, Bubbles, The Blessed Damozoel etc.

The building

William Lever did not just build a house for a museum. He Actually Did Build A Museum. One That Stands Until Today. It Has Been Recognized With A Grade 2 Listing In The National Museums Liverpool. Sometime in 2015, the building was closed partially for remodeling. After a short while, the building was back in operation in 2016. It still retains its Beaux Arts style.


Lady Lever Art Gallery is not just home for precious objects but a venue for regular exciting events as well. People are welcome to the engaging events held here regularly. Some of these include exhibitions, workshops, garden games, tours, furniture sessions, hands on activity and many more fun events. This gallery is friendly to family events and school events. There are also facilities that make it fun to be inside the gallery. These include a café and a shop.

You can also easily communicate the gallery management in case you are planning for a visit to the museum. There is a mobile app to help you do that. If you are to go see some specific objects, it’s important that you keep the management aware of it so that you are not frustrated to find it off the display.

Lady Lever Art Gallery is open from 10am to 5pm. All are welcome for free. Find more Wirral Information here.

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