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Wirral is a basically a peninsula that adopts a nearly rectangular shape into the Irish Sea. It has two rivers lying in either side. These are river Mersey and river Dee. This region in the North West England is within both Cheshire and Merseyside. Wirral is home for everyone including the rich and the middle class. The south, north and west regions of Wirral tend to be affluent and the best for many. However, the east tends to say otherwise mostly being home for the deprived. It’s however just a small area and very normal as in all other cities.

History of the Wirral

First it’s the name. Wirral is a unique name invented in the 8th century. It has some deeper meaning often associated with a certain tree, bog myrtle, believed to have been present back then. The history of Wirral dates back to the prehistoric settlement. That should tell you how rich in history the Wirral is. Let’s skip the bulk of history to the 19th century. This is the century when the ferry service started across river Mersey. The introduction of steam ferries led to the opening of a shipyard initially at Birkenhead and later expanded. The town was then vigorously on the move. The town model led to the establishment of a town park where the central park of New York is seduced from. Population went up and establishments continued coming up. The introduction of the railway to Liverpool also contributed a great deal in developments.

The 20th century continued to deliver good for Wirral. Queensway Tunnel, a vehicle tunnel came up to supplement the rail tunnel. All the incoming infrastructure then meant that Wirral was on the rise.

The 2nd world war did have some impact on the town. Birkenhead was the main recipient where there were bomb attacks. However, Wirral withstood all the pressure and things were back on track after a while. Wirral continues to be a place of industrial development.

Wirral Attractions

One can imagine that Wirral is not a lovely place to be especially due to the many industrial and urban areas. However, the imagination is wrong. Wirral is rick in landmarks and attractions. These are places you should target to visit. Whether you like sandy beaches, picturesque villages, views of the 2 main rivers and Irish Sea, parks, gardens, architecture, museums, art galleries, restaurants and so much more, they are all available.

Wirral Sports

With England being the hub of football, you can bet that in every town there is some sense of English football experience. Well, Wirral is not left behind. It is home to Tran mere Rovers professional football club as well as many other non-league clubs. Other sporting activities include rugby, watersports, golf, cricket and so on.

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