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Spotting the signs of condensation

You may think that if your home is completely moisture sealed, you will not experience any damp. That’s the assumption. However, damp must not always be generated by external factors such as flooding, rising moisture below the walls or leaking rainwater goods. Water from the inside can also trigger damp in form of condensation. Condensation is hence a common problem that can be mistaken with other forms of damp. Understanding what you need to look for to detect condensation at an early stage will even save you some dollars and endless hassles. Condensation at its extreme levels will require professional treatment to eradicate it, Abbey Damp Proofing Wirral can offer a full and professional diagnosis. Well, that costs more than a mild situation. Here are common signs indicating presence of condensation.

Black mould

This is an unfortunate sign that degrades the aesthetics of your home. Mold will grow in moisture fertile places. If your ventilation system is not working as it should, there will be a lot of water trapped on the walls making them dumpy. Mold will then have found a place to call home as they grow in large numbers.  We are talking of black mold here. That means even if your walls were white, they will show conspicuous black signs. That may trigger a series of home improvement services and cleanings.

Keep an eye on your windows

It is normal to observe water condensed on the bathroom window especially after a hot shower. It can also be acceptable when the same occurs on the kitchen window after you cook. That’s however when it happens occasionally. When you observe condensation constantly, then something is wrong especially with the ventilation system. With proper air circulation, the warm and moist air will find its way out as the cooler air comes in.

Peeling plaster/paint

Everything holds together because there is less water content. Add water to glue and the glue will be pathetic. Paint and plaster together with other wall additions such as the wallpapers are help tight by the adhesives. Introduction of water in the mixture makes the other components weak. Wallpapers will start peeling off, paint will peel off also and become discolored. If you have witnessed peeling off plaster or paint in your home interiors, be certain that condensation is at its best.

Mould on fabrics

It’s another common observation by these suffering from the effects of condensation. What condensation does is that it avails the moisture heavy air in all areas. Any fabrics or clothes that are exposed will hence receive large doses of moisture facilitating growth of mold. It can be the curtains, clothes, upholstery or even shoes. This sign is unique to condensation and cannot be mistaken with other forms of damp.

Musty smell is yet another sign that you need to look out for. If you detect a musty smell, look for other condensation signs as listed above to be sure of the problem.

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