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Spaceport Wirral

Most of us depend on the science fiction movies to give us a perspective of what happens outside the earth. The movies always are interesting to see what lies out there. However, getting the real experience of how it feels out there is a rare opportunity. Most of us will never get the chance to move out of earth. That’s why spaceport was established; to provide aspiration of the experience expected on space. This modern facility gives you a journey through space. It also helps you learn more about some amazing facts you thought you knew about earth our home. The spaceport offers more than you expect.

The observatory

It’s all about using the eyes to observe. There is nothing as sweet as witnessing the rare facts using your bare hands. The spaceport has an equipped observatory point. Inside here there is the largest robotic telescope on earth. You are free to use this to explore the space and its wonders. The sky seems silent and far away during the night. But you can bring the components of the night sky together and observe the stars as well as other planets. The computer generated images will help you surf the sky and make discoveries of the many stars out there. You can also observe the endless objects within the solar systems.


Inside the spaceport, there is the ground floor and the first floor. Each of these offers a different experience.

First, it’s the ground floor. It hosts much of the space experience rooms including the observatory, space dome theatre, space pod, the solar system, wormhole, the Milky Way, explorer 1 space ride and a shop. All these are exhibitions to make space learning enjoyable.

Second, it’s the first floor. This is home for interactive exhibitions. Details of gravity and light and why they are needed in the space are explained here. You can also experience the optical illusions as well as test gravity. So much action is available inside the spaceport. Among others are witnessing vortex power and exploring the magnetic fields to discover why items are heavier on the North Pole.

Gaming world

Action games are also availed at spaceport. These are simulations of the space experience. Play the wall is amongst the fun games. Hurricane simulator is another action game that gives you the experience of the hurricane winds only that this time you are 100% safe. Video games are also in plenty to check the kids present. There is something for everyone which means 100% entertainment.

Spaceport is usually open from 10 am to 3pm on weekdays and extends the closing time to 5pm during weekends and school holidays. Research further about the price to pay at the gate to effectively plan your visit.

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